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Add honey to your natural immune support regimen*

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Resp-Immune is a combination of Mediterranean black seed plus wild oregano P-73 oil & essence for bronchial lung, and congestions support.

Canadian Prairie Honey 10 oz front label

Canadian Wild Prairie Honey

No raw, wild honey can match the flavor of Canadian Wild Prarie Honey, from the most remote wilderness possible.

Oregano Oil Honey Front Label

Wild Raw Oregano Honey

This is a rare, raw, wild honey from the mountains of the Mediterranean. It has the unique attribute of being from bees in the mountains never fed sugar.

Goldenrod-Honey jar

Wild Goldenrod Honey

This is a limited edition wild honey from the far northern remote areas of Canada. Use it to support a healthy immune and digestive response.

Front of Orange-Honey jar

Orange Blossom Honey

The source for this Orange Blossom Honey is nectar collected from the blossoms of Neroli orange trees.

Thistle Honey front label

Wild Thistle Honey

From the mountains of Palestine and Lebanon comes this rich and flavorful honey.

Raw Mediterranean Honey

Raw Mediterranean Wild Flower Honey

This is so aromatic, you can smell the flowers. This is the most exotic honey possible-from the remote mountains of Southern Turkey.

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