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Our Essence Products

North American Herb and Spice supplies a number of the spice and flower hydrosols, Essences as we call them. The flower Essences include Neroli Orange flowers and also the wonderful Rose Petal Essence from the finest Damascene Roses. The petals are first removed from the green plant material, before the steam extraction occurs. Otherwise the hydrosol is bitter, and the exquisite flower aroma is not so pronounced. Neroli Orange Essence makes a beautiful drink to enjoy before bedtime called white coffee with a touch of wild honey. While coffee may keep you awake, Neroli Orange white coffee, as they call it, in the Mediterranean countries helps some to relax and sleep like a baby. The Rose Essence is wonderful to splash on the face as an astringent and smells divine. It’s even used in baking and in puddings. Testing shows that roses even have antibacterial properties, and that may be why deer love to snack on the roses in the garden.

Our Essence of Lavender is from the beautiful wild lavender in Turkey. Lavender has many uses, and it even supports a healthy nervous system.* Our Essence of Wild Rosemary is a daily support for healthy mental focus and memory support.* Wild Sage Essence can be used as a tea in hot water with one of our precious wild honeys. It supports a healthy body and hormonal response.* Finally, Cilantro Essence supports a healthy digestive system. Again, every one of these can be used as refreshing teas, hot or cold, all year round. Plus, all the Essences are free of alcohol, solvents, chemicals, and additives. If you want the best you can find, choose our Essences for a truly healthy experience, inside and out, and every day for amazing results.*